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Photo of Avocado


$2.99 each

Photo of Tomatoes


$5.99 per kg

Photo of Lettuce


$4.49 each

Photo of Apple Pink Lady

Apple Pink Lady

$6.99 per kg

Photo of Baby Spinach & Wild Rocket

Baby Spinach & Wild Rocket

$34.99 per kg

Photo of Bananas


$3.99 per kg

Photo of Blueberries Jumbo

Blueberries Jumbo

$5.99 each

Photo of Potatoes Lrg Wash

Potatoes Lrg Wash

$5.49 per kg

Photo of Potatoes Sweet

Potatoes Sweet

$3.49 per kg

Photo of Pumpkin


$2.50 per kg

Photo of Cabbage Chinese Half

Cabbage Chinese Half

$3.99 each

Photo of Carrots


$2.99 per kg

Photo of Cucumbers Continental

Cucumbers Continental

$1.99 each

Photo of Mushrooms


$14.99 per kg

Photo of Mushrooms Brown

Mushrooms Brown

$19.99 per kg

Photo of Onions Spanish

Onions Spanish

$7.99 per kg

Photo of Parsley Conti

Parsley Conti

$2.99 each

Photo of Potatoes White Cocktail

Potatoes White Cocktail

$7.99 per kg

Photo of Pumpkin Jap

Pumpkin Jap

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Raspberries 125g Perfection

Raspberries 125g Perfection

$6.99 each ($5.59 per 100g)

Photo of Rock Melon Pieces 250g

Rock Melon Pieces 250g

$5.99 each

Photo of Rocket Lettuce

Rocket Lettuce

$29.99 per kg

Photo of Shallots Half

Shallots Half

$1.50 each

Photo of Strawberries 250g

Strawberries 250g

$4.99 each

Photo of Tomatoes Roma

Tomatoes Roma

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Watermelon Pieces 300g

Watermelon Pieces 300g

$5.99 each

Photo of Asparagus Green

Asparagus Green

$2.99 each

Photo of Baby Cos Twin Pack

Baby Cos Twin Pack

$3.99 each

Photo of Bok Choy

Bok Choy

$2.49 each

Photo of Broccoli


$14.99 per kg

Photo of Cabbage Purple Quarter

Cabbage Purple Quarter

$2.99 each

Photo of Capsicums Red

Capsicums Red

$14.99 per kg

Photo of Chives


$2.99 each

Photo of Coriander


$2.50 each

Photo of Corn Baby

Corn Baby

$4.99 each

Photo of Cucumbers Leb

Cucumbers Leb

$4.99 per kg

Photo of Grapes Black Seedless

Grapes Black Seedless

$11.99 per kg

Photo of Lemons


$7.49 per kg

Photo of Lettuce Mixed

Lettuce Mixed

$29.99 per kg

Photo of Nectarines


$12.99 per kg

Photo of Onions Brown

Onions Brown

$4.49 per kg

Photo of Oranges Navel 3kg

Oranges Navel 3kg

$6.99 each

Photo of Pears


$4.99 per kg

Photo of Pineapple Pieces 250g

Pineapple Pieces 250g

$5.99 each ($3.00 per 100g)

Photo of Spinach Baby Leaves

Spinach Baby Leaves

$29.99 per kg

Photo of Sprouts Snowpea 160g

Sprouts Snowpea 160g

$4.99 each ($3.12 per 100g)

Photo of Tomatoes Heirloom

Tomatoes Heirloom

$10.99 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes Truss

Tomatoes Truss

$7.49 per kg

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